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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are freshies?
    Freshies are just a cute way of saying air freshener. Freshies can be made through several different techniques, but there are 2 main kinds - aroma bead freshies and felt freshies. They can be used in many places including your home (laundry room, bathrooms, closets, air vents, etc.), auto, gym or school locker, etc. . .
  • What are aroma bead freshie made of?
    Aroma beads are made of plastic. To scent them they are mixed with fragrance oils. These are the same oils used to scent candles. You may also add mica pigments to color the beads to a desired tint. Once all of that is done these beads are baked in an oven until they reach a desired consistency and texture. Embellishments such as card stock may be added after freshies have cooled completely.
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