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How I'm Spending My Time at the Beginning of 2022

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

The aftermath of the Christmas Holiday shopping season and the New Year brings on market research for many small businesses.

This month of February and the previous month of January have been or will be spent doing some heavy research. I had a fantastic turnout during the Christmas shopping season and am now finding the time to catch a breath and think about future plans. Each day I receive positive feedback and know that I'm on the right path moving forward. I set out in the beginning with the intentions of creating unique items; offering great customer service and lightning fast shipping like I'm trying to compete with Amazon. I think I am accomplishing that as I have one of the fastest processing times in my industry as compared to my competitors on Etsy.

The self-employed need business strategies that are relationship-based, not transactional, authentic to who you are, and right-sized for small business.” - Jeffrey Shaw

I was able to receive the distinction of Star Seller on Etsy for the month of January and now February. Etsy's Star Seller program is a bit confusing for many, including myself, and so perhaps I might spend some time learning more about that topic. I attended a collaborative webinar presented by Etsy and TikTok. It was an average webinar explaining the benefits of using TikTok to reach more customers. While I enjoyed it, I did find myself wanting more in-depth questions answered as I already have a TikTok account and already knew most of what was covered. I do intend to begin making TikTok videos for my business again in the near future. I was so completely involved with the holiday shopping season that I simply couldn't find the time to make any videos or even post to this blog.

As of right now I have concrete plans to expand on my current offerings for auto accessories. I am also considering branching out into some home decor items. There are so many options out there and I will really need to do some proper research before diving into anything. Is there a particular item that you think would compliment my store? Don't hesitate to reach out to me and let me know!

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