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we started Beamer 82 Designs in 2021 just as the world was quite the mess. There was a longing for cozy comfort in our lives. a desire to feel at home and safe and well. . . just plain normal. I guess in a way my husband and i were feeling nostalgic and wanting to return to an easier time. a better time.

for me, scent was a way to escape the chaos. I was fully aware and witness to the power of scent several times over the years. it's amazing how One scent has the ability to transport you to a time otherwise forgotten. You get a whiff of pipe tobacco and suddenly your Grandpa is standing right there with you or that one particular flower reminds you of beautiful summers spent at your family's farm. and with that scent - you'll remember. you will remember everything. This is where I started out with scents. i was Curating a list of scents that meant something to me only to find out that they meant a lot to others, as well.


come along with us in 2024 as we continue working on this curated list of scents and hope to expand our online store to offer some carefully chosen home decor items.

What ya'll are saying


Amanda on Jan 8, 2024

Absolutely IN LOVE with it!😍

Always awesome! This is my third order!

Amazing crazy good scent , last for the whole day! Have bought a couple of times from seller and will deff be back for refill and more items!! Thanks so much for super fast shipping and great products!!!

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